They have arrived! Where did they land?
by Snow Renard

To our surprise and through sources that have asked to remain anonymous, Aliens landed on Earth several decades ago. Searching for a sustainable planet that would not only hold the thousands of Aliens without compromising the lives of the humans that already live there, but also have the means to grow food that they would be able to eat. Yes, all of the stories are true. Aliens have a diet all there own. Human food is not the healthiest for the strongest of Aliens. When the Aliens found that Earth was the best fit for them, they landed in a discrete location still hidden to humans. We have asked and even pleaded with some of the leaders of the Aliens to find out the first location or even the most recent location of landings but they have told us “It’s of no importance“.

“We are here with Peace and Harmony with the Earth”
by Winston Scribe

Are they? Yes, they are. The Aliens have brought us many tools that will help us progress faster then we could ever imagine. The agreements made with our government shows how they will help us not only have peace within our own world but also how we can live amongst them with peace. They have shown us how to help keep our world green and save the endangered species along with our rain forests. We almost lost our world but with the knowledge they brought us our world will grow and flourish longer then we could have ever imagined.

To invade or not to invade: That is the question.
by Snow Renard

The question was asked at an Alien conference “Are you here to take over our world?”. The answer was an absolute “no“. The Aliens explained that they wanted to find a world that would welcome them and that they could live with peace. They explained that they have run from invasions in their own world and in no way would they promote an invasion of this world. They are sickened by any thoughts or talk of war and hope that Earth can keep the peace with there help. They also made the comment that they have had several serious talks with the world leaders and might have a way to make everyone happy. (oh my)

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